Staging can often be the difference between a home selling quickly or sitting on the market for months on end. However, most first-time sellers have no idea where to begin when preparing their home for that first open house. As you get ready to sell, consider the following interior design advice for effectively staging a home. 


De-Personalize the Space

It may be awkward living in a house that does not have any personal touches, but the reality is that prospective buyers will be much more interested in a house that they can visualize as their own. This means that any reminders that the house still belongs to you will create an obstacle in this all-important visualization process.

Some effective ways to de-personal your home for staging include:

  • Storing any awkward or tacky furniture that has been kept for its sentimental value
  • Painting over any gaudy walls and looking into the removal of outdated wallpaper
  • Making sure that no clothes are left on furniture or that cookware is left on the counters
  • Taking down any polarizing art or photos, such as those containing highly political or religious messages or images


Clutter Eats Equity!

Stuff takes up space, and space sells. So get rid of the clutter and let the home’s dimensions shine to their fullest. Recycle or donate old magazines, stacks of newspapers, or anything else you do not plan on taking with you when you move. If you are the type of person who manages to accumulate a lot of stuff, consider renting a storage unit to open up the house during staging. Avoid stuffing everything in the garage, as a spacious and functional garage can be a selling point in its own right. 

If you want some additional tricks on how to make the home feel more spacious, even after removing the clutter, the following ideas can usually help:

  • Let as much natural light as possible into the house. Open up the windows, raise the blinds, and hang curtains to the ceiling.
  • Add an accent wall by exploring textured shiplap wall ideas. By drawing people’s attention to a focal point when entering a room, the cozy confines in which they are surrounded can often go unobserved.
  • Use light colors for the walls and furniture, with a piece of statement art to capture attention.


Renovate Unsightly Aspects

Very simply, if there are aspects of the house that are damaged or degraded, it will likely cause a snag in the selling process. Buyers will be reluctant to purchase a house that comes with a ready-made to-do list.

While renovation projects are more costly than other staging tips, they can be the difference in your house selling or sitting on the market. And while some may be reluctant to perform a remodeling project they will never get to enjoy, Remodeling Magazine lists the top interior projects, in terms of ROI, that homeowners can perform in 2021:

  • Replace the windows – this project returns a national average return of 68.6% from a $19,385 installation cost for new vinyl windows. However, new windows can improve a home’s insulation and allow for the free flow of natural light–both characteristics contemporary buyers value greatly. 
  • New steel entry door – this project costs only $2,082 and returns 65% of project costs. That 35% you will not recoup in higher resale price amounts to $729 to ensure a “wow” factor as people enter the house. Seems like a good investment.
  • Perform a minor kitchen remodel – the most expensive of the highest-yielding projects, a minor kitchen renovation will cost an average of $26,214 and return an estimated 72.2% of costs. Simple ideas for the kitchen include replacing stained counters with nonporous quartz surfaces and pulling outdated tile in favor of rustic engineered wood flooring.


Interior Design for Home Staging

Effective staging is an important factor in ensuring that a listed property sells in a timely fashion. By considering the interior design advice listed above, you can take steps to most effectively stage your house for sale.


Bottom Line 

The market is HOT right now and inventory of homes is low making home prices rise almost weekly. Most of my recent listings have sold with multiple offers, so if you are in the market to sell your home and move up now is a great time to investigate your options!

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