Buying a home may be easier than you think.  Start building wealth by building equity in a home. Start taking advantage of tax right-offs and exemptions.


Property Tax Exemptions include:

1. Homestead

2. Seniors

3. Disabled

4. Veterans

5. Renovations

6. Energy Incentives


Learn more about Property Tax Exemptions & Do you qualify?


If you work from home, you can deduct a portion of your property taxes, utilities, ect. based on your home’s square footage and business use.




  • Our Lease Buy-Out Program allows you to confidently sign a contract on a new or pre-owned home even though you have an obligation left on your current lease.

  • We will assist you in determining if your current lease obligation qualifies for a Buyout and help you with all the details involved in making an informed decision.  You cannot be working with another Realtor for your home purchase.


  • We will buy out your lease so you can buy a another home now at absolutely NO COST to you!  

  • You will get your deposit back, and PROTECT your GOOD CREDIT.  

  • Don’t let a GREAT DEAL on a new home get away just because your lease isn’t up yet.


To get started or to see if you qualify, call TODAY at 469-556-1185.


Check out our Guaranteed Buy-Out Program and a Builder Trade-In Program. These programs that will help you go from one home to another quickly while interest rates are still low–Call Today!