I Recommend Geni Manning Highly and Without Reservation…

I recommend Geni Manning highly and without reservation. She is competent, solves problems and discovers opportunities, and exhibits wisdom not typical of her professional peer group. She goes beyond necessary business detail and exhibits traits of social responsibility valued by our society.

I first met Geni during our Coop work together at Collin College. Then, I became a client after being a fan. Geni helped me through a most difficult period of my life. I had accepted a job in another state and my home was situated in a neighborhood that had become target for investors. Investors are not committed like home owners that occupy their home; and often will do things last minute to upset your world as seller. Although it required three separate contracts to ultimately succeed with sale of my residence, each new offer Geni brought me was higher than the last. In the end, we closed and my equity was double the money I would have received from the first offer.

Geni is a business-minded Realtor that also treats her Clients like family or friend. She is accurate, reliable and verifiable in a world that makes each of these things complex or chaotic. I was so impressed with her processes I decided if I ever went back into real estate I would work with her if she would have me. My family has been involved with production homebuilding since 1954; I am a Graduate Master Builder, Certified New Home Sales Professional, and Certified Professional Marketer. My PhD and dissertation involved housing, employment and education. I am 22-year veteran of Habitat for Humanity.

Now, I am honored to work with Geni, and I do so because my Client experience and time with her in higher education allowed me to know how really great she is to work with. Geni has some of the best experience of someone in her profession. That’s consistency with competency and caring; and that’s a hard combination to discover or replace.