A Believer In Honest Human Nature

Our Family has gone through a difficult time. Losing the last parent, and being faced with losing my Moms home, but this home my grandfather built in 1949. Very sentimental and happy memories for 5 generations. Geni Manning has been a very important part of our family since childhood. When we told her about the state wanting restitution for medical purposes in the amount of $73.445.15, hard amount to forget while going through the roughest part of your life, Geni immediately jumped in and took over with love and care the situation we were facing. Working with Geni is like an angel at work. She knew exactly what we needed to do and how to start. She walked us through the steps and even staged our happy little home.
Within the first week we had staging done, a profile on the home, and showcased photos. When the home was listed, within the first two days we were blown away at the response we received. Geni said it’s fabulous what’s happening and I’m going to work so hard on making this experience as smooth and helpful and pleasing as possible. I’m going to get you more than we asked for. I believe this will happen. Truly, I believed it too. This special home that has seen so much love was going to get a wonderful family. I prayed hard for this.

Well, to come to a conclusion, our home sold for so much more than we could imagine. We are forever blessed with our special agent, friend, and to me an angel sent to be in our lives. Geni Manning is a hard working, passionate, caring individual who will make your story of selling or buying a true blessing. Thank You Geni for allowing me to express my personal feelings on behalf of my family and myself.