Why Geni’s Passionate About Helping Divorce Cases

Why I’m Passionate About Helping You.

Geni’s Personal Story


You may wonder why this subject of ‘Divorce’ is so dear to my heart and why I’m passionate about helping others maneuver through this heartbreaking path.  For many, it is worse than death–it certainly seemed that way for me. First, I experienced the heartbreak and devastation of divorce as a child, when my mom and dad parted ways. Because of my experience, I am sympathetic to the children if there are any involved. We lived in poverty because mom had to raise four daughters without child support. It saddened me to see her struggle daily as she worked day and night to make ends meet. We were left alone most of the time–basically without either parent. I’m thankful God made her a strong women and He was there for us during this difficult time.


Then as an adult, I experienced divorce as a spouse. One divorce with broken dreams is bad enough for anyone however, I have had more than one to deal with. My big goal and dream in life was to be married. Each time I thought ‘this was the one that would last forever–but it didn’t!’ Therefore, each divorce was gut wrenching.  I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, and I will always do my best to help save a marriage if I can. Although each experience was hard, I learned as a child and as an adult to forgive, let go, grieve the loss and push through it. I realized looking to the future, not focusing on the past was the key to being healthy again.  

I understand selling a home that belongs to you and someone you loved is hard to go through, and the process is even more difficult when children are involved. To make things worse, you have to split all your belongings up. Many times people don’t have the money to replace them. Most of the time, each party has to downsize for financial reasons. Downsizing in itself is hard to do–I’ve done it three times. It’s hard to get rid of ‘things’ you love. And if your like me, your ‘Home’ means everything to you.


This is a time for me to listen and provide a lending ear, a hug if needed, and encouragement. I will always be patient, kind and sympathetic to you and your families specific situation. I promise to cheer you on to to stay strong while I walk step by step through this process with you.


Why Choose Geni Manning As Your Realtor?

Yes, I can do all the basics any Realtor can do. Yes, I have the advantage of having over three decades of real estate experience. Yes, I have more real estate education and knowledge than most Realtors to make a divorce transaction smoother–Lord knows you don’t need anything else to cause you stress at this time.  What puts me at the top of the ‘Best Realtor For You’ list, are these things for sure. However, my unfortunate experiences with divorce have taught me how to cope and negotiate the path…a big advantage for you!

  • I understand the heartache

  • I’m compassionate about your loss

  • And I have experienced the hardship of downsizing


I want you to be encouraged, knowing your life isn’t over. Remember, I have been through more than one divorce and my life is great!  I have worked with numerous couples who have gone through this phase and it does get better after the storm has past. Rest assure, there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Let me lead you through this storm. I will walk with you to the other side to your new life with compassion and understanding. You will be glad you did…and I believe you will be a better person from it!


* Note – If you would prefer a male Realtor to work with, that can be arranged, or we can both work as a team assisting you and your spouse.