Reviewing Your Current Situation?

Nearly everyone wishes to age in place as they grow older. But often, the spacious family house becomes too burdensome, financially and physically, to maintain for individuals over 50.


Trying To Determine Your Next Step?

It can entail a complex set of decisions relating to finances, housing locations and property types, as well as anticipating future needs as you or your loved ones age. A good place to start is getting an answer to the question: What Is My Home Worth?


SRES® designees (Senior Real Estate Specialist) can consult with you to review your current housing situation and outline the topics to weigh as you consider your next move. They will provide pertinent information on 50+ housing trends, financing and market conditions. They also have a team of experts and advisors to help you with every step while you’re exploring your options and determining the very best place to call home.


Look here for a List of 50+ Senior Communities in our area.


Having Mixed Emotions Where To Buy?
Buying a residence when 50+ can be both exciting and daunting. The excitement stems from anticipating new beginnings in a fresh environment. It can be stressful because there are so many types of senior residences, finite resources and sometimes emotional hurdles to overcome.

Where To Go Next After You Sell Your Home?
There’s almost always an emotional element associated with selling a long-time home. A real estate agent that specializes in senior needs can ease the transition first by talking about your reasons for selling and then exploring all the options either modifying and staying in your current home or finding a different property to be sure you find the very best housing solution.


A SRES® use their expertise and industry knowledge to provide an honest assessment of your property and make suggestions for improving it for salability. As a SRES® and a ‘Staging Expert,’ Geni Manning will make suggestions that will best showcase your house and make it appeal to the broadest audience possible. A SRES will also help with pricing and marketing Strategies


A SRES® can also provide insight on current market conditions, determine how your property stacks up against the competition and develop a pricing and marketing strategy to sell your home quickly and for the highest possible price.


Moving Is Easier With a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®
A SRES® can help assemble an appropriate team to ease the transition to a new property. Movers, landscapers and stagers can handle the heavy lifting. Attorneys, 1031 exchange specialists and mortgage brokers can manage the heavy paperwork.

What Are Your Best Financial Options?
The current economy is confusing for everyone, regardless of age. Especially for those who have held on to real estate for many decades, a house often is the largest asset people have. How to best tap into and deploy those resources is a challenge in strong and less energetic economic times. 


A SRES® will Clarifying the Financial Picture.
Need assistance with sorting out the complex decisions and figuring out what role your real estate investment plays in your overall financial picture? Those considerations include taxes, retirement savings withdrawal schedules, long-term care needs, inheritance issues and others.

SRES® Designees Have Financial Expertise For Those Over 50.
SRES understand managing capital gains and the tax implications of owning real estate. They can provide information that addresses a host of issues, such as the uses of pensions, 401K accounts, and IRAs in real estate transactions, and how Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security affect real estate decisions for senior citizens



“I can’t say enough how grateful I am to work with Geni. She is beyond expectation. Geni was like my best friend trying to help me sell my house. She is very easy to reach and fast responding. I never felt pressure to make a decision but got very honest opinion and expert advice.  Doesn’t matter how small or big the project is, she was always there and helped me with her wonderful team.  I won’t work with anyone else but her. Surely, I recommend her to whoever is looking for a house or selling it. I worked with other good real estate agents in the past and in my opinion, Geni is the best of the best and  whoever has her as a real estate agent is blessed.”

Sheila Ghahremani – Homeowner in Frisco, TX

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