How is a seller able to sell their home in a fast moving, ‘seller’s market’, such as what we’ve had for the past 4 or more years without selling their existing home first?


The traditional answer was to make a “Contingency Offer” or an offer to buy contingent on the existing home selling within a specified period of time. Not only do such offers typically require substantial additional funds that are not returned if the sale is not completed but the contingency puts both parties at additional risk. 


In a seller’s market most seller’s would reject such an offer unless they were in no hurry to sell and the buyer was offering a price far enough above listing price that another offer would not likely exceed it. Of course, there are many other possibilities but in the market we have at this time a contingent offer is typically Dead On Arrival.


So, what is a buyer with a home to sell to do if the contingent offer is unlikely to be accepted? This is where innovative lenders, like Denise Donoghue, ‘The Mortgage Nerd’ and other mortgage lenders we work with on a regular basis can offer assistance.


In the following video, ‘The Mortgage Nerd’ provide an explanation of a contingent offer and three other options that are available to overcome this “Catch-22.” Please watch!



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